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Brian Burke Unhappy With Failure of a Season

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So the big news from yesterday was the end of the year presser given by Brian Burke on the state of the Maple Leafs. Most of the articles linked today cover it. Here's Mirtle's take on it:

Burke Admit's Leafs Season Another Failue - James Mirtle at the Globe and Mail

"I was in the playoffs seven straight years before I got here," Burke said. "This has been a long, slow tortuous process for me. I don’t like it. I don’t like being out of the playoffs and I take it personally. I’m sour about it."

Burke’s been through rebuilds before, but in both Vancouver and Anaheim, the turnaround came quicker than this.

The Canucks, now the first-place darlings of the NHL, were back in the postseason after two years out under Burke. The Ducks, who won a Stanley Cup in his second season, never missed.

Three years is a new frontier. If it becomes four 12 months from now, Burke may be more than sour, as the good vibrations resonating after the Leafs’ strong second half will be long forgotten.

Burke knows that – and he knows he has a lot of work in front of him.

"When you miss the playoffs, your season is a failure," he said. "And that’s the case here."

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