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Missing Phil Kessel

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Two games, and the Leafs' first round picks are getting better. I likes.


Leafs Links

Battle of Ontario - Goaltending

Looking at the Sens vs. Leafs between the pipes. Check out the good back and forth in the comments.

It's Reim to Get Paid

Puckin' Eh tries to figure out how much money Reimer should get.

2010-11 Season Autopsy: Goaltending

Continuing on the goalie theme, Chemmy looks at where it all went wrong between the pipes.

TML Legends: Scott Pearson

Another lesson in how rushing a player is a bad thing.

Things I Didn't Expect This Last Season

VLM looks at the surprising aspects of this past year.

Other links after the jump.

Other Links

AHL Has Play B If NHL Returns to the Peg

That town ain't big enough for the two of 'em.

Throw An Octupus on the Ice in Detroit?

That's a $500 fine and possible jail time. What an asinine law.

Vincent Damphousse Charged with 6 Counts of Assault

Just a terrible story about the former Leaf.

Explaining the Ovechkin Goal

The NHL finally gets it and explains their reasoning behind reviewed goals.