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We Believe: A Toronto Maple Leafs Documentary

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Back in January I was contacted by Matthew Whitty (@Matthew_Whitty) to talk on camera about being a Maple Leafs fan. It was probably the depth of recent Leafs fandom. The Maple Leafs were fifth last in the NHL and seemed destined for another year in the draft lottery. James Reimer had only picked up six wins, Phil Kessel was still mired in his fourteen game goalless streak, and Dion Phaneuf had not yet started changing the perception that he was a massive salary cap anchor.

Featuring interviews with myself (a little), James Mirtle, Dave Shoalts, Joe "The Waffle Guy" Robb, and a lot of other fans the documentary focuses on why the true blue Leafs fans have remained fans despite facing more lows than highs and 44 years without the ultimate prize and counting. Ultimately, the themes are the same regardless of the background of the interviewees:

Loyalty precludes abandoning our team. Things may be bad now but they will get better. And when they do...look out.

It's a shame that what I considered my best bits came after the camera was off! But it was fun to meet Matthew and Peter Kovacs and I really enjoyed the final product.