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Death Clock Update

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We here at PPP Amalgamated Heavy Industries and Kitten Ranch and Pug Manufacturing are working overtime to keep on top of the current playoff chances of the Maple Leafs. As it stands now, there are four teams within striking distance: Montreal Canadiens, Carolina Hurricanes, New York Rangers, and the Buffalo Sabres. The Leafs have to catch and pass two of these teams in order to make the playoffs. Since the targets have increased we've had to open a special bureau for the tracking of death clocks. The most interesting one belongs to Montreal. Even just passing them in the standings would be fun.

Tonight's schedule will have to provide the Leafs with much more help than they have been receiving of late. Tonight's cheering schedule:

  1. Go Leafs Go! Forever and always.
  2. Go Caps Go! They need to beat Buffalo in regulation. Remember all of the cheering we've done for you guys.
  3. Go Islanders Go! Our brothers in rebuilding can do us a huge favour by racking up a win over the Hurricanes.
  4. Go Devils Go!