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Leafs at Senators - Keeping the Hope Alive

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Gonna show 'em why I'm the kid they wanted.
Gonna show 'em why I'm the kid they wanted.

7:00pm, CBC - Canada, Center Ice - USA

If the Leafs want any shot at making the playoffs, or at least playing spoiler to one of the 4 teams ahead of them, they'll have to win their game tonight in the heart of No Fun Country locally known at (consults map of greater Ottawa) Kanata, Ontario. The Leafs need to be 100% focused on the task at hand tonight and not be distracted by local attractions such as the Kanata Toyota-Mazda-Chrysler Auto Center, the Tim Horton's in the lobby, or uh that one park down the street.

Ottawa, despite their current place at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings, are not to be overlooked. The wounded animal theory is in full effect as Ottawa is without Daniel "The Clown" Alfredsson and All-Star* Erik Karlsson who is on the mend with a lacerated leg. Making his debut tonight for the Sens is NCAA Free Agent of Hope, Future Get Out Of Ottawa Trade Requester Stephane De Costa. De Costa is about to learn the hard way that guaranteed playing time in Ottawa isn't all it's cracked up to be.

The Leafs roster remains unchanged from Thursday's big win over Boston and James Reimer again gets the start between the pipes. The Leafs are primed to change people's opinion of them, and closing out the season on a winning streak would move along that cause greatly.

As always, GO LEAFS GO!