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Yo Mama Is So.....

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Not a lot in the way of Leafs news, so instead I take you back to your childhood with Twitter "Yo Momma" jokes:

Yo momma so dumb, she tells people to meet her at the corner of "walk" and "don't walk".

Yo mama so fat she got called for too many men on the ice, when she was sitting in the stands.

Yo mama so stupid she sat on the TV and watched the couch.

Yo mama's teeth so yellow when she closes her mouth her eyes light up.

Yo mama so fat, she went to the beach and people tried to push her back into the ocean.

And finally......

Yo mama's so easy she saw more rubber between her legs than Luongo tonight.

(Note: that last tweet also applies to Antti Niemi.)

Well that was fun, time for some linkage.

Leafs Links

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Other Links

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