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Lazy Friday

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Yar, here be your links mateys.

Leafs Links

Leafs' Chance Takers, 2010-11 Regular Season

Slava Duris looks at who was pushing the offense for the Leafs this year.

Kaberle Not Working Out With Bruins

Too late. No take backs.

The Career Production of the Grabbo-Kulie-MacA Line

Hockey Analysis looks at the trio and what their future might be.

Season in Review: Top 6 Forwards

MLHS looks back at what that said.

Bill Barilko's Goal: 60 Years Later

Unfortunately so, but what a last goal to have score.


Other Links

Looking at Defensive Forwards

Behind the Net with a introduction to how Selkesque guys can be determined.

"Cupcake Summit" (srsly?) Does Little to Smooth Tensions

Glendale and Goldwater are still not seeing eye to eye; as if 3 hours was going to fix that.

Salmon Kings Playing Out the String

Look forward to getting bought by a retirement community in F-L-A.


Ference let's Montreal know who's #1.

Lidstrom, Eriksson, and St. Louis are Lady Byng Finalists

The most gentlemanly of gentlemen. In related news, I sent a guy's helmet flying across the ice from a check in my non-checking men's league last night. No penalty. /smug