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Carey Price Is Afraid Of Montreal

Carey Price has done an admirable job stepping into the breach for the departed Jarosav Halak. He put together the season long version of last year's playoff run as the Canadies, despite small forwards that were almost uniformly outscored by th Means of Production Line, a brittle defence, and a bi-polar fanbase, comfortably (kind of) made the playoffs.

2010 - Carey Price 72 4206 38 28 165 2.35 2147 1982 .923 8

That's a hell of a season and it gave the Habs hope could match the Bruins' goaltending over a seven game series. They jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the series on the back of two excellent performances by Price. All seemed rosy heading into Montreal...except Montreal has a way of bringing the worst out of Price. In his last seven starts, he has allowed 28 goals on 213 shots for an average of four per game and a save percentage of .869. Even Vesa Toskala is shaking his head at those numbers. Turns out that this kind of treatment can get into a goalie's head:

And in case you're wondering just how long it has been since Carey Price last won a playoff game at home, well, you had to know we'd have you covered: