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Bruce Boudreau: A Prospect's Story

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Before getting into it, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Even if you're not celebrating, hopefully you've got a long weekend, and can get some extra playoff time in. Myself, I'm missing home cooking something fierce while I'm here in Vietnam, but I'll pull through.

Anyway, there's a great article by Lowetide today about the playing career of Bruce Boudreau. There's surprisingly little mention of chicken wing sauce, but Boudreau's story is one of success at the junior and minor league levels that just didn't translate into big success in the big leagues:

Bruce Boudreau can offer insight (imo) into any era of NHL prospect. He was an impact player in a very narrow view. He was one dimensional, and despite being very good at certain levels he just couldn't break through and become an NHL regular (the Leafs main centers when he was knocking at the door were Darryl Sittler, Walt McKechnie and a bunch of good looking kids from Don Ashby to Laurie Boschman) and ended up having a tremendous minor league career.
Definitely worth a read. Follow me over the jump for more.

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