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Whelp, leave it to a Senator to lose a playoff series. Hats off to Chicago for the amazing comeback to make this a series.

Hot Carl - Puckin' Eh

I had a hard time defining what Carl Gunnarsson means to the Toronto blueline, and it was also challenging to compare him to other defensemen around the league. Down the stretch Gunnarsson was a defenseman who was playing big minutes in every situation, but he was also a defenseman that was displaying some huge gaps in his game over that same period of time. Carl can fill the top four role on a non-playoff team, but he is not someone you count on in that role. He remains best suited to the fifth or sixth defenseman role for now, with the asterisk of knowing he'll move up when top four injuries arise and that he'll always be a second powerplay unit staple, but probably isn't the best option for the top unit.

Read the rest of the article to see what sort of contract Carl might get this summer. More links after the jump.

Leafs Links

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MLHS takes a look at a good two-way center available this summer.

Leafs Need Size....

but Mike at VLM would take Gionta, Briere, or Gerbe too.

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It's amazing how similar the two are.

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You could also call it a penalty riddled game devoid of any emotion.

Emery, Laperriere, and Langkow

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Sleza shows us that Kulemin is only 1 of 5 NHLers on the team

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No Leafs to be found.


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