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PPP Playoff Prognostication Pool Pick 'Em - Round #2

Some pretty fuzzy picks in that first round.
Some pretty fuzzy picks in that first round.

So the Conference Quarter Finals are behind us and the Conference Semis before us. But before we get to those, let's see how the PPP faithful did in Round #1.

Atop the leader with a whopping 21 out of a possible 24 points is Grabovski's better than you think who correctly guessed the outcome of every series and undershot the Boston, Tampa Bay, and San Jose series by only one game. And his Cup and Conn Smythe picks in San Jose and Joe Thornton seem pretty good thus far.

Here's the top 10 after Round #1:

Username Points
Grabovski's better than you think 21
mrcsx 20
Say *plan the parade one more time*... 20
daoust 20
Zurvan 19
Vinn 19
Schennsational 19
badomen 18
allanbester 18
Peter de Chatham


And way down at the bottom of the chart? Why that would be super friend of the blog Cornelius Hardenbergh with a lowly 4 points; only correctly guessing the outcome of the Boston-Montreal and San Jose-Los Angeles series. And tied with Corny? Why that'd be Chemmy joke account ARMANDO SLAPNUTS who chose every lower seed to win. Keep it up Corny and you'll find yourself the future owner of a Leafs Suck book!

The final Round #1 Scoring can be found here.

Follow me after the jump for Round #2

Your matchups for Round #2 are as follows:

In the East;

#1 Washington vs #5 Tampa Bay

#2 Philadelphia vs #3 Boston

In the West;

#1 Vancouver vs #5 Nashville

#2 San Jose vs #3 Detroit

The Rules and Scoring are as follows:

2 points for the correct series winner.
1 point bonus for the correct number of games in that series if you also correctly guessed the winner.
4 points if you correctly guess the Stanley Cup Winner now and do not change your answer in the later rounds.
4 points if you correctly guess the Conn Smythe Winner now and do not change your answer in the later rounds.

Only one entry allowed per person.

Round #2 pool closes at puckdrop of the first playoff game.

For your Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe Winner picks, if you wish to keep your choice from Round #1 (worth 6 points each for a correct answer versus 4 in this round) then either select or write in 'No Change' for your answer. Otherwise, please select a new team or player.

Because half of the people didn't get this right the first time, I'm stating it again; if you are entering a new player for your Conn Smythe Winner, please enter the name in the following format: Last Name, First Name

Without further ado,

the PPP Playoff Prognostication Pool Pick 'Em Round #2 Phorm.

Good luck and may the best person not named birky win!

Oh and in case you're playing Rinkotology, here's who you should have picked from those teams eliminated in Round #3.