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Bruins Blow 3-0 Lead (Not a Repost from May 2010)

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After being up 3-0 early against the Rangers the Bruins allowed two goals in under a minute to go down 4-3 before allowing an empty netter to lose 5-3.

The Rangers are now safe from the Leafs. Toronto's only path to the playoffs is through the Sabres. Buffalo has to lose out and the Leafs need three wins, all of which have to come in regulation.

This isn't the end of our playoff hopes (which will likely come when Buffalo ties their game with the goalie pulled tomorrow) but there's not any wiggle room left. Let's hope the Leafs don't give up; they could still catch Carolina.

This stinks but the Leafs played amazing hockey after the All Star break. Every single game the Leafs needed to go one way went another for weeks. Hopefully the team's improvement wasn't just a team playing well with the pressure gone. Hopefully the team can build on this for next year because i'm tired of writing about "next year" every April.