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Capitals at Leafs: Plenty to Play For

7PM ET: Sportsnet Ontario
James Reimer vs. Michal Neuvirth

The Leafs aren't just playing for pride tonight, they're playing to keep Boston's draft pick crummy. As I wrote over at The Leafs Nation there are plenty of teams to stay in a race with and the Leafs shouldn't fall off now.

Though not mathematically eliminated the Leafs chances were dealt a crushing blow last night. I'd be angrier about things but honestly this is a team that's going to play game 80 tonight and still have a non-zero chance at the postseason. This is what we expected from this team and while it stinks that our strong play essentially let us keep pace with everyone around us sometimes shit happens.

Hopefully the Leafs send a message tonight that their new look squad can be a playoff team by sending the 103pt Capitals home with a loss. The Capitals are without Mike Green (concussion), Tom Poti (groin made of rubber bands) and Alexander Semin (Russian). Go Leafs go.