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Math Sucks

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Welp, the Leafs have been officially, mathematically, for realsies eliminated from playoff contention. Prepare yourselves for the certain influx of "Leafs suck, have always sucked, and you're a sucker for liking them" articles from members of the MSM. You've been forewarned.  The following article was not written by one of those people.

Leafs Officially Eliminated - James Mirtle

Because for all the heroics and talk of what’s to come, this Leafs season will end on Saturday the way so many have of late in Toronto.

On a good run but out of the playoffs.

"We played our hearts out," Reimer said. "We did everything we could. We’ve fallen short right now, but I’m proud of the way we’ve battled the past couple months."

"In the end, we’ll feel good about this and build on it," Wilson said of his team’s second half. "All the experience we gained playing in hard games is only going to make us better."

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