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PPP Playoff Prediction Pool - You Interested?

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While the last Leafs game we're going to watch this season is on Saturday, there are still another 80+ games to be played after it. That's right, it's Stanley Cup Playoffs time! Sure it sucks that our beloved Buds won't have a shot to raise the holy chalice this year, but we're hockey fans and are still going to watch the games. So we here at PPP Amalgamated Heavy Industries Kitten Ranch and Pug Manufacturing Incorporated LLC thought we'd add a little more fun to the situation beyond just game watching.

College basketball has March Madness and with it the "greatest" bracket competition in sports. Hockey has nearly an entire 2 months full of the best the sport has to offer, and therefore deserves to have it's own form of bracketry. That's where the PPP Playoff Prediction Pool comes into play. We're giving you all the opportunity to show us that your crystal ball is clearer than other's and that you really know your hockey. You'll pick winners for all 4 rounds, the games played in each series, and the Conn Smythe winner. Awaiting the winner? A Pucking Hilarious shirt of your choosing courtesy of the Overlords. For the loser(s)? A copy of Al Strachan's Why the Leafs Suck for you to proudly display on your bookshelf.

Sound like something you'd be interested in? Take the poll after the jump.

If enough people say yes, I'll follow up with a story on Monday morning explaining the full rules of the PPPPPP, and provide a link to the Google Form we're using to keep track of picks.