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How Are Our Boys Doing?

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We've got a pile of players in the World Hockey Championship in Slovakia, and they've been our prime source of Leafs news during these playoffs. In all, the Leafs have Komisarek, Brown, Holzer, Müller, Gunnarsson, Grabbo, Kulemin, Phaneuf, Schenn, and, of course, Reimer. (OK, so Holzer and Müller are from the Marlies, but it's the same organization.) To have 10 players in the tourney means that a good chunk of your team is picking up valuable experience.

The bad news? It looks like Jonathan Bernier is going to retain the starting role in the upcoming game against the Russians.

The Los Angeles Kings backup played consecutive games just once this season in the NHL, but will be getting his third straight start for Canada. There will be little margin for error against such a skilled opponent.

Bummer. Oh well, still a good thing for Optimus Reim to be a part of.

Head over the jump for an article by Michael Langlois on the respective performances of les boys.

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