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Friday Morning Links For Friday Morning People

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Without gut.
Without gut.

Sorry there are but only a few links today, it appears that is down or at least not letting me access the new posts at Bitter Leaf Fan, Dirty Dangle, and others. So whenever that comes back up, post your links.

PPPPPP Round 2 Scoring is Finalized.

Check back later today for the Round 3 Entry Form and updated Round 1 & 2 combined scoring.

If you play Rinkotology, here's who you should have picked.

Jimmy Howard is the leading point getter of those players eliminated.

Is Brad Richards The Answer For TML?

Mike Ulmer with 10 questions regarding just that.

Sharks Send Red Wings Home


Sean Avery, Fans' Attack on Agent Show Changing Hockey Culture

Adam Proteau with a piece of the new found tolerance in hockey.