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It's Monday, Monday, I Got the Bolts on Monday

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Well the first two games of the conference finals are done and it's gone the way the crowd sees it in one, but not the other. In Round #3 of the PPPPPPP, 51% picked Tampa over Boston; but 53% picked San Jose over Vancouver. Pretty even match ups as the experts see them. If you wish to see how you're doing, here you go. Now on to the links.


Owen Sound Attack and Leafs Prospect Jesse Blacker Win OHL Championship

Now have a chance to win the Memorial Cup.

Draft Schmaft: The Leafs First Round Drafts of 1968-70

The Hockey Writers look at Sittler and Selwood

Forget Moving the Thrashers; Let's Have a Dispersal Draft

VLM wants to pick the bones of failing franchises.

Darcy Tuckers Sees Something Unsettling

This and more photogoodness at Vintage Leafs.

Mislav's Euro Prospects: Daniel Brodin

A look at the Leafs 2010 5th rounder.

Finland Runs Over Sweden in World Championships

Ikea stock expected to fall drastically in the morning.

Family of Derek Boogaard Donate Brain to Science

Well that was nice of them.