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Naturally, last night's collapse by the San Jose Sharks is the biggest news to discuss today. There are plenty of great sub-plots, ripe for the picking. The speed and size of the Canucks, the emergence of the Sedins (5 points between them), the Marleau - Bieksa fight, the stupidity of Ben Eager and his hit on "Denk" Sedin, oh, right, and a pair of boobs (link is censored, but still probably NSFW).

From an recap on the Sedins' evening:

They've said from day one that they don't care if it's them or anybody else producing in the playoffs as long as the Canucks win. But, after watching Vancouver slide by Nashville, it was fairly obvious that there was no way this team was going to challenge for a Stanley Cup if the twins, first and fourth in the NHL's scoring race this season, didn't have their say against San Jose.

Of course, we have plenty of different fare if this doesn't tickle your fancy. Over the jump, there is more on the Atlanta - Winnipeg situation, with perspectives from both cities, the latest on Bergeron, the Edmonton arena deal, and a host of other tidbits from the usual suspects.

There isn't any Leafs stuff, but I'm sure we'll find something in this pile of links to jump-start discussion.

Wednesday’s Three Stars
From Wyshynski.

Edmonton council approves framework deal to build new arena
New $450-million facility will keep Oilers in the city for 35 years. Well, municipal investment's kept the Coyotes in Glendale for this long. Hopefully, it'll work for the Oilers if it ever comes to that. Story from CP at the G&M.

Who’s got Gretzky’s record-breaking puck?
"I... I don't have your puck! It's in Bill's house! A-and Fred's house!" "HEY! What are you doing with my puck in your house, Fred!?" By James Christie at the G&M.

Owen Sound fans making noise - The Globe and Mail
The OHL-champion Attack may be in a small market, but their loyal fans are big-time supporters. Story from Dave Shoalts.

Bruins, Lightning providing unexpected offence
Story from the AP at the G&M.

Thrashers fans plan rally to try to save team
Supporters to hold rally before annual select-a-seat event. Story from Charles Odum at the G&M.

The inspiring playoff performances so far
Michael Langlois has a few thoughts on several players that have performed well in the post-season. A couple names might surprise you.

Manitoba won't subsidize NHL team: premier
Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger says the province is currently working out a financial agreement with local businessmen that could pave the way to return a team to Winnipeg, but it's not going to straight up subsidize a team.

Is Winnipeg itself the biggest obstacle left?
Scott Morrison at CBC Sports reminds us that the most likely problem with moving a team to Winnipeg is the city itself.

Bruins' Bergeron nearing return
The B's leading scorer could be playing in the next game. From CBC Sports.

Playoff Comebacks
I found this link last night as I got thinking about my picks for this round in the PPP Playoff Prognostication Pool Pick 'Em. I've got Vancouver in 6, but it might not last that long. According to this link (, teams only come back from 0-2 deficits 12.7% of the time. Of course, the Sharks have yet to play at home, but last night was pretty ugly. I'd like to see them make more of a series of it.

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