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Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

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Will start off today's FTB with a sample of a link to appease Learn2Leaf .

A Poorly Explained Rationale Why Another Team in Toronto Doesn't Work for Mike at Vintage Leaf Memories

I don’t honestly know if having another team in the City of Toronto would be "good" for the Leafs (even more money for MLSE, a potential rivalry, whatever…) or bad for them (some lost revenues, fans possibly switching allegiance to the new franchise, etc.).

The thing is, I'm not—perhaps like many fans—too concerned with any of that  As a long-time Leaf fan, I don’t care about what it means for "business", don’t really care what the ownership group (new or old) wants, and don’t really much care if another team would in fact be "successful" here, by whatever criteria we want to establish.

I just don’t want another NHL team in Toronto.

Works for me. More links after the jump. Also, bite me.

State of the Leafs Entering 2011 Off Season

David at HA looks at the Leafs and what holes there are to fill.

Penalty or Dive?

Take the quiz over at DGB.

Another Jeff Carter Rumor that Makes Sense

maplestirup has the talk of the town at MLHS.

Simmons' Comments on Derek Boogaard's Death Cross the Line

Conclusion: Steve Simmons is a retard.

HHOFer Stan Mikita Diagnosed with Tongue Cancer

Well that sucks; now he can't taste his wonderful donuts.

JPNikota Wanted Pat Boutette

Vintage Leafs gives him Pat Boutette.