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For those of you that didn't catch the Boston - Tampa Bay game last night, you missed a good one. For all the talk of Guy Boucher's 1-3-1 system, the stingy misers Tim Thomas and Dwayne Roloson, not to mention the inability of the B's to score goals on the power play, this series has been a wild, high-scoring affair.

Game 7 should be a barn burner in Boston, and given the home ice advantage, I like our odds of picking up that extra second-round pick. Oh yeah, and I picked Boston in 7 for this series in our PPP Playoff Prognostication Pool Pick 'Em, so I'm still happy enough with the result of last night's tilt.

There are a lot of links today for your perusal and enjoyment - even some Leafs-related ones - largely thanks to Jon S, over at Puckin' Eh, who has been busy posting four articles in the past 24 hours. Other highlights include some interesting debate about puck possession and shot accuracy at Behind the Net, as well as game recaps on yesterday's games. (Some teams are still playing hockey?) Of course, it's not every year that Jeff Carter is rumored to be a trade target for the Leafs (groan), so naturally, there's also some discussion on that front as well.

Follow me over the jump for all this and more.

Leafs Links:

Better Know A Prospect: Ty Rattie
Jon S, over at Puckin' Eh, continues to give us the rundown on potential targets for the Leafs' first round draft picks.

Draft Day Plan B
Puckin' Eh has an alternative to trading up at the draft for Mark MacNeil.

Window Shopping: The Pacific
Yet another article from Puckin' Eh on possible trade and UFA targets for the Leafs this summer.

10 Thoughts On The Jeff Carter Rumour
Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering? I think so Brain, but why would I wear rubber pants? Narf.

Vintage Leafs: Al Iafrate just got out of bed.
This and more goodness from Vintage Leafs. Go browse around.

It's either Moore and Kubina or Kaberle against Vancouver
VLM reminds us that some former Leafs are still in action, and has a few links to some older posts that have been popular over at the site.

Other Hockey Links:

Wednesday’s Three Stars
Sean Leahy at PD has 'em today. Check out the footage of Krejci getting hit in the helmet with a promotional "clapper".

Lightning beat Bruins, force Game 7
Recap from the AP in the G&M.

Majors get measure of revenge on Attack
James Mirtle has your Memorial Cup coverage at the G&M.

Bieksa’s value keeps going up
No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please, no. Story from Matthew Sekeres at the G&M.

Keep Both Eyes On The Puck
Here, we have a link to an article at SI with some interesting thoughts on analysis from Red Wings' GM Ken Holland. Via Behind The Net.

Sports Illustrated, NHL GM’s and Corsi Blindness
Kent Wilson has a blog up at the Score to comment on the above-linked puck possession article.

Largest known portrait of Queen may return to Winnipeg along with NHL team
The Hockey News has an article from the CP that suggests the old portrait could once again reign from the rafters.

Is accuracy the difference between average and great goal scorers?
Well, the NGreenberg has a few numbers to suggest that no, it isn't. From Behind The Net.


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