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Ryan Ain't No Unicorn

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Unfortunately the newest Leaf, Kenny Ryan, doesn't play center which means there's still work for Burke to do on that front and HA has their take on it.

Leafs Off Season: First Line Center Search - Hockey Analysis


The biggest hole in the Leafs lineup that GM Brian Burke has been trying to fill for a couple of summers now is the first line center role and that hole in the lineup still exists and needs to be addressed before the Leafs can be serious playoff contenders.  Tyler Bozak was given a chance and failed (though it was probably overly optimistic to expect him to be that level of player) and the hopes of getting a top center in a Kaberle trade also did not pan out (though Colborne is a fine center prospect and may be a quality center a few years from now).

Check out the study on who David Johnson thinks should be the Leafs guy to gun for.

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