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Mondays, Boy I Hate Mondays

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They make me-e so-o steamed. WEEK-ends, I prefer the WEEK-ends. Oh-oh-oh-oh-ohSONOFABITCH.

A relatively slow day for Leafs links, but also for NHL links in general. The CHL is a different story, however, with the St. John Sea Dogs winning the Memorial Cup. The win marks the first time a Maritime team has ever won the tournament, and James Mirtle, who has been following the story from the beginning, has the recap:

Mississauga made things mighty interesting over the final 40 minutes, however, getting a goal from plugger Riley Brace late in the second and coming close to netting the equalizer several times.

But after the Majors dominated the play for much of the third period, the Sea Dogs caught a break with four minutes to play, with a 2-on-1 and snipers Phillips and Jonathan Huberdeau on the attack.

Read on for more links.

Why Hasn't Ron Wilson Signed A New Deal Yet?
Michael Langlois wonders aloud. (Incidentally, I'm aware that Damien Cox has written an article wondering about this very same issue, but... well, you know.)

Oilers Re-Sign Ryan Jones
Article from The Globe via the AP.

Julien and Vigneault Used To Fly Together As Eagles
I guess they've been "cheering for each other". 'Course, the finals will be a different story.

Another Installment of "I'm Saving Hockey"
From Ben's Grandpa at Behind the Net

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