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Hey! Leafs Links!

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There are plenty of links to choose from today, and quite a number of Leafs-related ones, to boot, which is a nice shift.

Over at the Leafs Nation, Slava Duris has tallied all the Leafs' Power Play scoring chances for the season:

The Leafs' Differential-per-60-minutes of PP time dropped by 5.15 from their 2009-10 number.  Despite this, the team scored more goals.  Taking out 5-on-3 opportunities, the Leafs scored 48 goals on 307 opportunities for a 15.6 % conversion rate this season.  Last year, they scored 37 PP goals on 283 opportunities which comes out to 13.1 %.  Or if you want to look at it by icetime, the Leafs scored at a rate of 4.39 goals per 60 minutes of PP time in 2009-10 (37 goals through 505:08 minutes).  They improved by over a goal this past season, at 5.40 goals per 60 minutes (48 goals through 532:83 minutes).  These include time with the goalie pulled.

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Leafs Links:

Who are the Maple Leafs, right now, who are ready to play this type of hockey?
Michael Langlois comes up with a few names, but sees a weakness up front.

Window Shopping: Southeast Division
Jon S at Puckin' Eh has an eye for who is available.

Puck Moving ‘D’ Part 2: Trade Options " Maple Leafs Hot Stove
Matthew Cameron with a few options: Kimmo Timonen, Michael Del Zotto, and Jordan Leopold.

MacArket Value " Maple Leafs Hot Stove
Ryan Fancey thinks it's somewhere between 2.7 and 2.9 million.

Other Hockey Links:

Bruins/Canucks Stanley Cup Preview: Who has the better coach?
Greg Wyshynski weighs in.

Bettman and the Jets: Tales from the NHL’s flight from Winnipeg
A collection of articles at Puck Daddy from back in the 90's that deal with the departure of the Jets.

Tinfoil hats are great in Vancouver because they keep off the sun AND the rain
The latest from Tyler Dellow, over at

Dan Hamhuis applauds Hockey Canada's ‘zero-tolerance’ on head shots
Canucks defenceman says it’s important to ingrain good habits in players from early age. Donna Spenger at the Globe with the story.

Canucks are already the champs – in marketing
On the eve of the Stanley Cup finals, Vancouver club said to be ‘on a par’ with legendary Montreal Canadiens. Funny what winning can do.

Thrashers on verge of ‘elite status’
GM says team is one or two pieces away from contending.

You Like Me! You Really Like Me! ... Part III
Now, taking the "Like" totals to the team level, and doing some regional bias exploration. From Behind the Net.


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