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In Which Dion Phaneuf Nearly Killed a Guy

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Leafs at the World Championships - Chemmy over at The Leafs Nation

Carl Gunnarsson has no points but is a +3 for Sweden, and Mike Brown (shown helping Yan Stastny score) is a +1 for the USA team that may or may not have killed Osama Bin Laden. Germany's Marcel Mueller has a goal and an assist in three games in the tournament.

On a weak Belarus squad Mikhail Grabovski has no points and is a -1 through 2 games. He likely misses Toronto and his best buddy Nikolai Kulemin, who clearly also misses Grabovski and the NHL. Kulemin hasn't seen a ton of ice time on a Russian team that favors KHL players due to internal politics.

Luke Schenn and Dion Phaneuf? Killing it.

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Also, Dion Phaneuf nearly killed a guy.

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