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Good Morning Once Again From Vietnam!

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I wasn't slated to do this morning's FTB, as I expected to return to Hà Nội later on today (er, this morning to all of you on EST) from a vacation in central Vietnam, but the train times worked out better than I'd hoped, and here I am, with your morning links. Xin chào, all.

In today's links, a couple of writers at the Globe and Mail touch on a couple points Chemmy made yesterday, in his article about Leafs players in the World Championships in Slovakia. Word from Ken Hitchcock is, Dion Phaneuf's game is coming along nicely:

"He's really composed," said Hitchcock. "He's receiving the rush now, that's the best way I can describe it. When he first came in the league, it was attack the rush, step up — and he created his gaps by that. ... (Now) he's in position to receive the rush, he's in position when the puck turns over to be an outlet.

This is great news if he can keep this kind of patience up against NHL competition. Fingers crossed.

Read on past the jump for a few nice words on James Reimer as well.

The Other Leafs Link:

James Reimer expected to continue heavy workload
I suppose this is also no surprise, especially on the heels of Chemmy's article at The Leafs Nation, but it's always good to hear this kind of thing repeated. From the Globe.

Other Hockey Links:

Lightning Sweep Capitals
Yikes. This is good news for one of the Leafs' picks, though - likely Philly's, at this point.

Sharks grab 3-0 lead series lead over Red Wings
Setoguchi completes the hat-trick in OT. This is, as many of you will recall, the only series that didn't affect the Leafs' pick in any way, and I think I'm happy to see the Sharks advance.

Who's hot and who's not in the NHL playoffs
Unlikely heroes are stepping up even as some big stars (like the Sedins) fail to produce. Naturally, this article isn't trying to ascribe the label of 'playoff choker' to anyone, it's more a sign of who is set to break out, and who is set to fall back to normal production. From James Mirtle.

Keith Primeau puts mind to educating youngsters
A few words from former Leaf Mike Van Ryn as well.

10 things I think would make the NHL game even better
Michael Langlois at VLM with a few ideas.

Getting Defensive: New Jersey Devils
Breaking down the TOI for New Jersey's defense corps, and noting the changes over the course of the 2010-11 regular season. From Bettman's Nightmare at Behind the Net.

Wednesday’s Three Stars
The latest from P-Diddy.


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