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The WC, What a Joke

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If you had more ads on your jersey you would have stopped that puck.
If you had more ads on your jersey you would have stopped that puck.

If you know me, then you know that I believe the World Championships are a complete joke of a hockey tournament. Beyond the obvious reasons such as jerseys and gear covered in ad stickers, rosters that would make an AHL team laugh (Tim Stapleton on Team USA?), and the fact that they're always in Europe and I can't watch the games should I even care to in the first place (I wouldn't); the real reason I hate the WC is the "roster sytstem" used. The tournament is already underway yet teams are still allowed to alter their rosters, and can do as long as they do not exceed the 25 player limit. Hell, they're free to add players up until 3 hours prior to the final championship match. What a fucking joke. NHL rosters are frozen a full month and a half before the playoffs (our tournament) even begins. Playing junior hockey growing up, we had to submit our roster over a week in advance. In the Olympics, your roster needs to be set well before you ever get to the Olympic Village. But in the WC, countries are free to continually add players who couldn't win in a real tournament so that they might win is a fake one.

That's why the WC will always be a joke.


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