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Friday's A Good Day For Links

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Now that the Leafs have some early round draft picks for a change, Chemmy thought it a good idea to consult with a draft expert to see where the Leafs stand in the draft, who they might pick, and what expectations of those players might be. Definitely a good read.

Q: The Leafs draft 25th and 29/30th. What do you think is going to be available then that fits what the Leafs need (big #1C, same as every other team)?

Well I should state before answering, that the Leafs draft on a strict Best Player Available philosophy so I doubt their draft day decisions will be affected by need, not to mention their recent acquisition of Joe Colborne. To answer your question there won't be a big number once you enter the late 20's as players like that tend to not escape the lottery. In an ideal world if Alexander Khokhlachev falls to the late 20's I think he has the potential to be a top-line center, but is a small guy. Victor Rask is a player I think should be available who also has that kind of potential (keyword there), as he was a projected lottery pick coming into the season, but fell off and will likely be available for Toronto in the late 20's. However for him to be that kind of producer you'll need a ton to go right and you're looking for significant development spurts needed in several areas, but his raw talent has that kind of upside.

Continue the interview over at Leafs Nation.

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