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Going Out in Style

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It weighs 35 lbs, except when you're lifting it.
It weighs 35 lbs, except when you're lifting it.

Is there any better way to end of season of hockey than with a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Final? I can't think of one. Today will be a good day. Here are your links.

In Case You Didn't Hear Because You Live Under a Rock, Gunnarson Re-signs With the Leafs

Mirtle brings you the deets of the contract.

Draft Day Game of Leapfrog?

Blue and White Bubble ponders if Burke is going to move up in the draft.

The Most Important Decision Facing the Leafs this Summer?

Well Mike from VLM sees it as .... go read his post to find out.

Vintage Leaf Memories Has Some Truly Amazing Hair For You Today

Started off with the beautiful beast that is Bill Flett.

Penalties In The Stanley Cup Final

These year's Final is just ridiculous thanks to 10 minutes misconducts being given out like candy.

How Likely is Tim Thomas to Win the Conn Smythe?

So likely that you can no longer bet on it.

Canucks Raymond Suffers Vertebrae Fracture

Just awful news for Mason Raymond. We wish him a speedy recovery.