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The PPP Playoff Prognostication Pool Pick 'Em Paragon Is.....

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The REAL Mike Richards with a whopping 46 out of 57 points!


Congratulations Mike!

You've just won a Pucking Hilarious shirt of your choosing courtesy of your benevolent overlord PPP! Email him your shirt choice and info and he'll take care of it from there.

And the winner of the greatest Leafs related book ever? Well that'd be bigedthehead with a measly 8 points..........if only bigedthehead were an actually PPP user as the rules stipulated. Sorry Ed. Them's the brakes. So instead we climb up the leader board until we reach the next lowest point total for someone who partipated in all 4 rounds and we get...........well look at that. Your friend and mine leafer1984! Sure he's in a four-way tie with 11 points, but he blanked out after Round #1 so it's got to be his. Enjoy your shitty book and may we never pass up an opportunity to rub this in your face.

The full scoring spreadsheet can be found here.

To all who participated, thank you. It was lots of fun and definitely something we'll be doing again. After the jump is the perfect Rinkotology team for those of you who participated in that.

With out further ado, here is who you should have picked if you wanted to win Rinktology:

Phoenix - Doan
New York - Dubinsky
Anaheim - Selanne
Los Angeles - J. Johnson
Buffalo - Gragnani
Chicago - Keith
Montreal - Cammalleri
Pittsburgh - Asham
Washington - Ovechkin
Philadelphia - van Reimsdyk
Nashville - Ward
Detroit - Datsyuk
San Jose - Boyle
Tampa Bay - St. Louis
Vancouver - Luongo
Boston - Thomas

For the point totals and work on how they got there, here's the link to the spreadsheet.