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Seven Days Until Draft Day

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I had something written here, but decided it'd be better off as its own piece so look for it later in the day. Here be your links. Try not to riot you heathens.

What the Leafs Need Most: 2011 Offseason

Blue Chip Prospects weighs in on what the team needs.

And the Con Smythe Goes to...

Vintage Leafs for more photo goodness.

Leave the Leafs; Win the Cup

budblog has nothing but love for Tomas Kaberle

Odds on Richards Part Deux

Percetages for teams that are apparently, sorta, maybe, not a snowballs chance in hell in the hunt for Richards. Boston? Wut?

The Good Point's 2011 NHL Mock Draft

Leafs pick Puempel and Morrow. I want Mayfield.

Where Does Luongo Go From Here?

Mike at VLM ponders this and more.

Thank You, Boston, For Ending this Season the Righy Way

Behind the Net with the numbers on the best season of goaltending ever by Thomas.

My Little Boy is Trying to Get Me to Play Hockey

Tim Thomas needs a bit of a rest first.


Also, there may have been a link or two on the Vancouver riots or something.