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Not Much on Mondays

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With yesterday being Father's Day and all, not much happened nor was written about in the hockey world, lest of all about the Leafs. But we do have two Leafs links for you this morning.

James Reimer May Just Top List of All-Time Likeable Leafs

When James Reimer’s quietly signed his contract with the Leafs recently (3 years for less than 6 million—if he plays like he did last season, big if, I realize, he’ll be more valuable than some guys earning three times as much in the league…) here’s the first thing that came to mind:

This is who this young man is.  No muss, no fuss.  No complaining, no hold-out or playing games through the media with his agent.  He just signed like he plays, quietly, with no hullabaloo.

It would be difficult, I sense, to find a Maple Leaf fan who doesn’t truly like this young man.  He presents as someone who just appreciates his good fortune in life.  If he is as humble as he appears—it’s all the better, for him and his career.

Mike from VLM doesn't understand how you can't be smitten with the kid.

And here we have a 3 round mock draft up through the 90th pick. I don't particularly like the pick of Zack Phillips, primarily for the big knock on his skating. Fortunately thought, after eliminating the crazies, Burke said that skating is his #1 priority for draftees so don't except BB to be calling Phillips' name on Friday. Ty Rattie isn't a terribly inspiring pick either. We'll see come Friday who Burke does take, but I'm putting my money down on Scott Mayfield.