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You're Fired!

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Ok, those were likely not the words used by Brian Burke when he contacted Keith Acton and Tim Hunter to let them know that they had been relieved of their coaching duties with the Leafs.  But Burke does seem to have a bit of Donald Trump-esque flair in him.  It was Burke, not Ron Wilson, who decided that the Leafs coaching staff needed some overhaul, at least according to Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun.  And it was Burke, not Wilson, who called to let the two former assistants know of their dismissal.  In the end, Ron Wilson had to let two close friends go in order to breathe new life into the Leafs staff and hopefully buy himself more time behind the bench.  How much of a difference will it make?  Probably not much, even if Burke can bring in more talent this summer.  But it never hurts to shake things up.

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