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The Oscars of the Hockey World

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Durrrrr I'm a comedian.
Durrrrr I'm a comedian.

Well the NHL Awards are tonight, like anyone's going to be watching, but I figure we should at least acknowledge
 them. So here are the unofficial Pension Plan Puppets Picks:

Hart: Corey Perry

Vezina: Tim Thomas

Norris: Zdeno Chara

Calder: Jeff Skinner

Lady Byng: Nicklas Lidstrom

Selke: Jonathan Toews

Adams: Dan Byslma

Masterton: Ian Laperriere

Lester B. Pearson: Daniel Sedin

Messier: Zdeno Chara

Nobody cares about the rest that may remain. Who do you got for the awards winners? More links after the jump.

Burke Setting the Table?

ITB&WB wonders if Burke is preparing for a team without Wilson.

Maple Leafs Draft Preview

Leafs Nation Onlines looks ahead to Friday.

3 Days Away: Feeling the Draft

MLHS with some names for Friday.

72 Hours Until Leafs Draft Greatest Player Ever

Puckin 'Eh with a great chart breaking down the characteristics of potential Leafs draft picks.

What Should TML Do With Their First Round Drat Picks

Oddly this article is longer than; Draft the best available players.

Small is the New Big at NHL Draft

The G&M looks at how small, skilled players can become the darlings of the draft.

Colin Campbell's Failure to Communicate

Great pick up and analysis by Jonathan Willis at The Leafs Nation

Ranking the Top Ten Available American

The US of Hockey looks at Brian Burke's fellow countrymen in the draft.

Habs, Markov Agree to Two-Year Deal

Markov to earn $11.5M over two years from the insurance company.

The Winnipeg Team Has a Website

Good for them.

Why no Gordie Howe Award?

Considering all the other awards named for great players, VLM wonders why no Gordie Howe award.

NHL BoG Approves Boarding and Head Shot Rule Changes

Great write on this from Wyshynski.