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Awards and Draft Worrying

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I have to say that I'm probably less interested in either of these things than a lot of people. To be honest, watching any awards show is boring, and watching a bunch of NHL players, long known for being some of the most boring people to interview, make speeches thanking everyone they know sounds terrible. As for the draft, I don't really care who we select in the first and/or second round, provided the player doesn't have a development ceiling of a ham-handed enforcer.

What really makes me anxious is thinking of all the potential trades Brian Burke could make at the deadline. Will he stun everyone and land a top-line center? Will he shock people even more, and trade for a young defender instead of overpaying for Kevin Bieksa? Heck, I'd still be happy if he just hung on to his higher picks. Naturally, we'll have no idea what's coming until it actually happens. We just have to wait, and I'm not always good at that.

Follow me over the jump for links about it all.

Jagr to Habs? Smyth back to Oilers? NHL rumour mill goes crazy
Eric Duhatschek has some legitimate stuff and some made up stuff. Sounds like he just wishes the Jagr-to-the-Habs deal would happen.

Easing draft expectations a bit
Schenn, however, deserves some credit, says Michael Langlois.

How Teams Will Meet the Cap Floor
Some of you may have seen this article yesterday, but Chemmy wrote this one over at The Leafs Nation.

Puck Daddy chats with Ilya Bryzgalov about Philadelphia Flyers
He says Phoenix never made him an offer, and he's been seen wearing a Flyers' cap.

Teams missing hidden gems in NHL draft
Three academics from Simon Fraser have downloaded Daoust's chart, and agree with him. (Not really.)

How Corey Perry won the Hart and other revealing vote totals
Puck Daddy has vote totals broken down. Reimer was 15th for Calder.


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