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Belfour, Gilmour, Nieuwendyk Inducted Into Hall Of Fame

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Yesterday's big news was that three players with Maple Leafs' connections were inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ed Belfour, Joe Nieuwendyk, and especially Doug Gilmour had short but impactful stopovers in Toronto. They all may have won their Stanley Cups elsewhere but they all played big parts in pushing the Leafs into contention. Doug Gilmour's impact especially was massive as he was the driving force behind the 93 and 94 semi-finalists that drove the stake through the Harold Ballard Era.

All three players are deserving entrants to the Hall although, as usual, there were some awful oversights especially in the decision to induct no one in the Builders category for the first time since 1981. That meant that Pat Burns and Fred Shero remain on the outside looking in. Ben Massey, of all people, made the good point that the Hall of Fame voting is so opaque that there is no purpose in getting upset about the outcome. He's right. I know, shocking. Instead, it's a great opportunity to share your favourite memories of the inductees.

My personal Gilmour highlight: in third year he strolled (actually stumbled is more accurate) into the Peel Pub with Kirk Muller after last call when just us stragglers were left (I think it was a Monday night but who could possibly remember after that much beer). We drank some beers and took some great pictures of Dougie putting our Canucks' fan into a headlock and pretending to punch him. If I can ever find them, I'll post them.

Links after the jump. Share your favourite memories in the comments.

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