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Things Are Just Getting Awesome

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A look into the future at Leafs practice this upcoming season.
A look into the future at Leafs practice this upcoming season.

There aren't many links this morning, but that's not a bad thing because there is one link today that is the link of all links. On the 8th day, God said let there be links and this is the link he gave to us. This is the link that all Leafs fans secretly knew would always come to be, and publicly wished for. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

On the Leafs and the possibility of acquiring Richards' rights...

There were some reports circulating yesterday that the Leafs had acquired Brad's rights, but they were flat out wrong...The Stars are in no rush here, and while the Leafs and Rangers remain the favorites, I have also heard Pittsburgh and Tampa mentioned in the last 24 hours... Safe to say the trading of Richards' rights will be a process...

And I will continue to tell you, no matter how crazy I know it sounds, don't count out the possibility of the Leafs acquiring Stamkos. It is one of those rumors that has a ton of "very, very inside people" buzzing still...I just got off the phone with one source in Tampa who said the possibility is "far more real than anyone is admitting."

That's right bitches. The Leafs are in the hunt for TWO #91s this postseason. Shit just got real and it's only getting realer! It's the Summer of Brian Burke and we're all invited to ride along in his Funvee. Climb aboard!

More links after the jump, but their not needed because STAMKOS AND RICHARDS BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Is Kadri in Play at the Draft?

Mike from VLM says 'Yes'.

True North Confirms Dudley Won't be GM in Winnipeg

But he did such a good job on the Byfuglien contract...

Should NHL Refs Give Post-Game Interviews?

No. No they should not.

If you don't fully understand what just happened here, you are mentally handicapped.