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Prague for Vacation, Sure, but for Hockey?

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So it's not really Leafs related persay, but Marlies captain Alex Foster signed yesterday with HC Sparta Praha (Prague) of the Czech Extraliga (Some hockey league in the Czech Republic) ((That's a country is Eastern Europe)) Here's the team's current roster. I don't recognize any of the names, but I think that's Vladimir Sobotka's brother Daniel on the team. (I have no idea if Vladimir Sobotka has a brother named Daniel.)

Anywho, the interesting part of this for me is the obvious paycut that Foster is going to take. Last year he got $500,000 $105,000to do something on the Marlies. That's a lot of scratch.  Now apparently Sparta Praha is the richest team in the Czech Extraliga, but you gotta think they aren't paying the Alex Foster's of the world $500,000 $105,000 to play hockey. Maybe Foster just truly loves Czech culture and Soviet Bloc architecture. I truly have no idea. If any of you find out what Foster is going to make over there, let us know.

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