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Beantown Dagger

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Doo doo doop, doo doo doop, doo dee doo dee doo doo doop. Doo doo doop, doo doo doop, doo dee doo dee doooo.

OK, so it's not the Chicago Blackhawks that are savaging Roberto Luongo's confidence, but the Bruins should probably buy the rights to Chelsea Dagger to use in their home arena. How hilarious would it be if the B's manage to win Game 5 in Vancouver, play for the Cup at home, and crank that song? It almost seems like poor sportsmanship to re-expose the Canucks of such a traumatic experience, but then hey, it's not like good sportsmanship has been a theme thus far in the series.

Once again, there were late hits, embellishments, and all the drama you could ask for of a Stanley Cup Final. Luongo got pulled, and Thomas was lights-out once again, earning the shutout in a 4-0 game. Oh yeah, and he attacked another Canucks player.

It could be that the territorial advantage of home ice turns out to be the single-biggest factor in deciding the series, but right now, the Canucks look lost. Here's hoping we get to see Tomas Kaberle hoist the Cup.

As a side note, although Kaberle hasn't seen a whole lot of ice in this series (he's been hovering just over sixteen minutes per game), he hasn't made many glaring mistakes defensively, and was a +1 again last night.

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