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Fond Memories of 2010-2011

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Sunday is always a bit slow, and we're in the dead of summer, so why not take a stroll down recent memory lane, and enjoy reminiscing about some of the Leafs' better games and plays this year. If you have more (and yes, there are many more), throw 'em in the commments for all to enjoy.

A stick tap goes out to Danny Gray, a.k.a. Plea From A Cat Named Felix for helping throw together a bunch of these.

This is a feel-good thread, ladies and gentlemen; I'll have no negativity in here today. It's too nice an afternoon for that.

Comeback Against Nashville
This was after eight straight losses.

Kessel Solves Thomas
Man, that shootout goal felt good.

Leafs Win On 24/7
Send Capitals into a shame spiral.

Grabovski Embarrasses Dennis Seidenberg
We all know this one.

Leafs Crush Thrashers
The 9-3 win.

Nifty Mittens
Nazem Kadri makes Tim Thomas look like Swiss cheese.

Schenn Goes End To End
Again against Tim Thomas and the Bruins.

James Reimer Highlights
Compiled by noted YouTubist Kessely Snipes.