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Cody Franson Interview

[Listen To The Interview]

Cody Franson was out in Calgary for a charity golf tournament with Mike Green. Turns out they're good friends that train together during the summer. Pat Steinberg of 960AM interviewed him on a number of topics. It's a really good, open interview that gives some great insight on Franson's career path thus far.

One of the big benefits that he identifies is his time in Milwaukee. He says that it was excellent for his overall development because he was forced to play big minutes and allowed to work on different aspects of the game that he might not have otherwise if he had started in the NHL in minimal minutes. Franson spoke about how it really hammered home that you had to earn everything in the NHL. Think about that when Burke is bringing in veteran players to push kids down the depth chart or onto the Marlies. He obviously had a lot of great things to say about Barry Trotz who is almost universally liked in the NHL. 

His discussion on the trade to Toronto is particularly open. He goes through his emotions that he went through in the aftermath in a very candid fashion. All in all, it's well worth a listen.