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Better In Front Of Reimer?

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Evaluating a defenceman's performance independently of a goaltender's performance is tricky at best. Cam Charron over at The Leafs Nation believes that Luke Schenn actually performed much better in front of James Reimer than either of his previous two goalies in 2010-11, and he's got numbers to help explain why.

Like Aulie, the big increase in Schenn's Fenwick number came from an offensive source. Despite an increase in defensive zone time in games where Reimer started, Schenn's goals for number went up slightly (one goal per five games). Unlike Aulie, however, Schenn had a marginal decrease in Fenwick events against, even when you factor in the score effect. The Leafs were in, or leading, more games with Reimer than Giguere or Gustavsson which would increase the difficulty in preventing shots.

Check out this and more in today's FTB. Good morning, everyone.

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