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A Lack of Depth and Injuries a Cause For Concern?

Leafs Depth Up Front a Huge Issue Heading Into Training Camp - Mike Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories

We all know the names that will make up the roster in that regard—Kessel and Lupul will likely be with Connolly on, ostensibly, the "first" line.  Grabovski will again center MacArthur and Kulemin.  After that, we have a raft of bottom-six guys, useful pluggers who can chip in once in a while on offense—Armstrong, Bozak, Boyce, Crabb and many others.

Now, the young guys may make a splash…individuals such as Kadri, Frattin, Colborne seem to be on everyone’s tongue.  It's exciting to "project potential", as I said the other day, but it’s an uncertain science, to be sure.  Those guys may all make the squad, and maybe that re-jigs the forward mix a bit for the better.  Again, we'll see.

But here’s my concern:  last season, the Leafs were remarkably free of serious injuries for extended periods of time.  Armstrong and Phaneuf missed some time, but in terms of serious setbacks (and compared with all kinds of other teams in the East), they really did not face that kind of roster turbulence.

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