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Feeling Cuddly on a Monday

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Well not a whole heck of a lot happened over the weekend hockey wise. Barring the incredible HFBoard Eklung rumour video posted by Yakov Mironov, and Mike Comrie knocking up Hillary Duff, nothing of significance happened. However, that's not to say that the weekend wasn't fruitful.

As those of you lucky enough to have met the man in person, PPP the man is one extremely cuddling looking Columbian Colombian. And he also has the most stereotypical Canadian accent, which is odd because he's from Toronto. But back to his cuddly nature, as the only person here to have shared a bed with him (I believe), let me just say that he is an excellent cuddler and it's all thanks to this video. Enjoy.

Oh and yeah, and here are your hockey links.

Special Teams High Quality Chances, 2010-2011

Slava Duris expands on his work classify High Quality chances to special teams where the Leafs were...well, you'll see.

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JP is now writing over at PPP 2.0

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Over at Kuklas Korner, who to pick first in fantasy hockey.

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The Great One interviewed about the upcoming video game.

A Look At Sportsnet's New Hockey Guy: Jeff Marek

Continuing the KK links, friend of the blog Jeff Marek has a new gig.

Training camp can't come soon enough so we actually have hockey to talk about.