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Colborne The Steal of the Kaberle Trade?

Could Joe Colborne Become Garry Unger; The Trade Throw-In Who Became an Iron Man - Mike Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories

Just to be clear, I recognize that young Joe Colborne was not a "throw-in" in the trade that saw Tomas Kaberle move to the Bruins (a deal that should pay dividends for the Leafs long after Kaberle is retired…).  But with a new season not far off, that late-season deal from this past spring got me thinking about another late-season Toronto roster move that paid big dividends, too—just not for the Leafs.....

Then Leaf GM and coach Punch Imlach tossed another young player into the deal.  The Red Wings had wanted Mike Walton very badly.  Walton had helped the Leafs win the Stanley Cup just the season before.  But Imlach wouldn’t part with Walton, and the Wings then pushed for a youngster just up from the junior ranks—Garry Unger.

Find out about the player Garry Unger became, not for the Leafs, over at VLM. The rest of your links are below.

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