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No Touch Is the Best Kind of Touch

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I'm not touching you.
I'm not touching you.

GMs Show Little Support for No-Touch Icing - Dan Rosen at

I am not for no-touch icing whatsoever. Watching enough other leagues that have the no-touch, what I don't like is when the play stops. The puck is still moving but all the players stop and wait for it to go over the goal line. It's a speed game and you're supposed to play to the whistle. I just don't like that. It just aesthetically looks poor.

- Dan Malony, Phoenix Coyotes GM and moron.

The National Hockey League has an intense game that pushes speed, and you want to reward the team that is aggressively trying to get the puck back.

- Steve Tambellini, Edmonton Oilers GM and idiot.

That said, Maloney, Tambellini and many of their fellow general managers remain intrigued by the concept of hybrid icing, which is a mixture between touch and no-touch icing and gives the linesman the discretion to call icing or wave it off. Once the first player reaches the faceoff dot, the linesman will have to determine which player would reach the puck first. If it is determined to be the attacking player, the icing is waved off. If it is the defending player, icing is blown immediately. If the race to the puck produces a tie, the linesman would have to blow his whistle to call icing.

- Proposed rule change and stupid

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