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The Maple Leafs Annual Is For Sale


For the third summer in a row, members of the Barilkosphere - led by Alec Brownscombe - have joined other leading lights including Puck Daddy, Dirk Hoag, the Goalie Guild's Justin Goldman, and TSN Radio's Jonas Seigel (uhhh that factual inaccuracy is in no way indicative of the rest of the annual**) to give you 112 pages of Leafs content to get you ready for the 2011-2012 season.

You can pre-order your copy here or you can wait to pick it up wherever fine literature is sold.*

A full table of contents is waiting for you after the jump.

*Chapters, Shopper's, Gas Stations, and assorted places where magazines are sold.

** I hope. I mean, blame Alec.

Lucky Number Seven: Can this year's Leafs squad bring the team back to the postseason? Break down the 2011-12 roster to see how Toronto is shaping up
by Julian Sanchez

New Standard: One man's projections for what well see out of the Maple Leafs offensive corps this season
by Dirk Hoag

Defensive Development: The youth and talent are there, but the Leafs will be hard-pressed to improve on their 2010-11 defensive performance
by J.P. Nikota

Net Gains: In his own way, each Leafs goaltender made important strides last season, including new starter James Reimer
by Justin Goldman

You're Up, Kids: The Maple Leafs can pin their hopes for the future on two youthful stalwarts: one on the blue line, and the other between the pipes
by Steve "Dangle" Glynn

Sizing Up The Northeast: Unfortunately, the Leafs' climb out of mediocrity will come with -- yet again -- stiff divisional competition
by Greg Wyshynski

State Of The Union: It's year three of the Brian Burke regime, so we turn to the man himself to get his expectations for the season ahead
by Jonah Sigel

Offseason Additions: Go inside the Maple Leafs front office via exclusive interviews with Dave Poulin and Rick Dudley
by Garrett Bauman

Phase Tree: The MSP Maple Leafs Annual completes its three-phase series on the rebuilding plan of Leafs general manager Brian Burke
by Ed Slater

Distance To Contention: Take a behind-the-numbers look at what it'll take for the Maple Leafs to reach the 2011-12 playoffs
by Stephen Burtch

How They Mould 'Em: Director of player development Jim Hughes talks Leafs as we look at his teams top 10 prospects
by Alex Tran

Biggs Love: Tyler Biggs compatibility with the Maple Leafs' system is a big reason why fans are excited about Toronto's 2011 draft class
by Brian Huddle and John-Eric Iannicello

The Paradox Of Development: How much can an AHL team be expected to win when player development is the top priority?
by Clayton Hansler

What If The Leafs Make The Playoffs?: What would the NHL world be like if the Maple Leafs returned to the playoffs?
by Michael Forbes

Grand Old Building: Maple Leaf Gardens' long history has left the city of Toronto and its fans with plenty of lasting memories
by Joe Pelletier

The Blue Testament: For every long-suffering Maple Leafs fan out there, here are some guidelines for a season of rationality
by Matt Mistele