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Where Does Grabbo Fit In Now and in the Future

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Grabovski: Where Does He Fit In? First Line, Second Line? Career Heading Up, or Down? - Mike Langlois at Vintage Leaf Memories

So, I wonder now, who is Mikhail Grabovski?  Is he the guy I saw in Montreal, Hamilton (AHL) and his first two seasons in Toronto—a nice little player who did some good stuff and could make plays for linemates, but was maddeningly inconsistent?

Or, is he the more industrious, tougher, much more noticeable and consistent version I saw last season, who still produced points but was also solid "plus" player (+14 on the season) as well?

I realize that even in his "break-out" campaign last season, he only earned one more assist than he did in his first full NHL season with the Leafs in 2008-’09.  So as I take a sober second look now, am I deceiving myself into thinking this guy has really "changed", that he is indeed that much better a player than he had been before?

Head on over for more on the Belarussian pineapple hater.

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