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Lazy Friday

Group hug!
Group hug!

Not a lot of hoopla today. Just some links to bide the time until the weekend comes.

Schenn vs. Komisarek Defensively

Hockey Analysis brings us a case where stats without context can paint the wrong picture.

NHL re-draft: Building 30 teams From Scratch

Writers at draft 30 teams from a pool of 690 players; Leafs somehow come out way worse.

Prospects to Watch Series: Tom Nilsson

LNO takes a look at the 2011 4th rounder.

Cup Winners Need Elite Talent: Do We Have it in Toronto?

Will Murray at LeafsHQ asks the question.

12 Burning Questions: How will JML fit? elephant in a refridgerator? ...a Chevy big block into a Honda Civic? MLHS ponders this.

An MLHS'ers Encounter With James Reimer

Pretty cool story.

Does Sidney Crosby Need A Year Off?

Mike at VLM wonders. Hopefully not as history shows that's roughly equivalent to simply retiring.