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Awash In A Sea of Apathy

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I love watching games from the stands. I always have more room to stretch out than when I'm in the press box.
I love watching games from the stands. I always have more room to stretch out than when I'm in the press box.

Yesterday brought with it two big stories. The first being the Shea Weber arbitration hearing and the ridiculous contracts by both sides. Weber - $8.5M. (lol) Nashville - $4.75M (somehow more lol). It could be another day until we hear the arbiter's ruling, so don't hold your breath on this one.

The other big story was the defeat of a proposal in Nassau County to fund a new arena for the Islanders. Going by to the tune of 57% Against, 43% For. Possibly the saddest thing of all was the low voter turnout for the proposal. Of Nassau County's 900,000 registered voters, had an estimated 100,000 voter turnout. A paltry 11% at best. Word from the Island is that the team itself didn't contact voters urging for a Yes vote until an email was sent out at 8:30pm urging people to go and vote before the 9:00pm poll closure.

Forget for a second the fact that this team is losing money like it's going out of style, is owned by an incompetent in the field of proper asset management, and plays games in a dilapidated mausoleum with no alternative in sight.  (All of which are good, valid reasons to sell and relocate the team.) Instead look at the poor voter turnout, the too-late email from the team, and the empty seats that outnumber fans at the games. The New York Islanders are awash in a sea of total apathy. Charles Wang should show some empathy and sell the struggling franchise to an owner and a city that will actually care for the hockey team. The storied franchise that is the New York Islanders deserves no less.

Just my two cents.

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There are 65 days left until hockey.